Modular system of timeless garments.

    "A module is a self contained unit or item that can be combined or interchanged with others like it , to create different shapes or designs."

    Angle garments are designed as a modular system of timeless pieces in order to extend its life and make it esay to be reused. Each Angle design responds to timeless aesthetic and usability needs, and can be reinterpreted with garments from previous or following collections. In this way our pieces are able to adapt to new needs, being chromatic or volumetric.


    We use materials made of natural fibers that guarantee durability and comfort of each design.

    All the fabrics we use are mostly made of natural fibers. When the fabric contains some type of unnatural fiber in its composition, it is to ensure greater durability, comfort, resistance or specific need.

    Most of our fabrics come from European producers and, our wool, specifically from Spain and Italy. Whenever we can, we work with materials that come from recycled, organic fibers and that guarantee the responsible use of chemicals and dyes.


    Our design and production process is 100% made in Barcelona. This practice guarantees the high quality of each of Angle garments, it also makes possible to mantain a close and lasting relationship with our workshops and it assures that all the workers who are part of our production process work under European labor laws.

    Our design, development and production process is made in Barcelona under ethical conditions.


    We believe in design as a key tool to ensure the timelessness and sustainability of each of our pieces. Our design process we contemplate the entire life cycle of our garments, trying to maximize the useful life and minimize their impact.Care recommendations:

    - Air before washing: The natural fibers we use do not need washing to recover their freshness and lose odors.

    - Use natural soaps and flat drying: When it is necessary to wash the garment, we always recommend to use cold water, natural soaps and air drying on a flat surface.

    - Repair before throwing away: at Angle we offer a garment repair service. Write us at hola@anglestore.com and we will explain how to proceed.